Redeeming Casino Bonuses

Many of the generous bonuses that online casinos extend to their players come burdened with a handful of conditions and limitations. These are designed to keep players from manipulating the system for free money, but they also help protect such players from unscrupulous casinos. Such limitations may include qualifications on how players can earn their bonuses, on how they may be used, and more.

Sticky Bonuses

One of the most common conditions placed on online casino bonuses involves how the player may use any money given. Some casinos offer to match players' deposits or may reward new players with free money. This money is limited, though, to use in the casino itself. Players cannot turn around and immediately withdraw that money. It is stuck with the casino and can only be used to bet on games. However, players can win money with these bonuses and then withdraw any winnings as cash.

Wagering Requirements

Another limit casinos place on redeeming casino bonuses involves wagering requirements. Before players can withdraw their winnings, they must have spent a minimum amount of time betting with the casino. They must have deposited a certain amount of money and placed a minimum number or amount of bets on various games of their choice. If players try to withdraw their winnings or even their initial deposits without meeting these wagering requirements, the casino may opt to cancel the player's account.

By placing limitations on the ways players can redeem online casino bonuses, the casinos protect themselves from fraud and abuse. This helps them keep their operating costs down and enables them to offer larger bonuses in the future.